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Mt. Greylock Backpacking Campout - Oct 2019

Four scouts, Mr. Nordhaus and Mr. LeDuc took in the majesty of New England in October. After a challenging hike in we established base camp at a campsite with an adirondack, ate a quick lunch, and them attempted the summit of the highest point in Massachusetts.

Just a few hours later we stood proudly at the top of the mountain, with the beautiful autumn foliage all around us. After a quick descent, and a hearty meal around the campfire (the scouts ate freeze dried spaghetti, rice and chicken, and beef mac and cheese, the adults had chili), the chilly air and exercise drove us all into out sleeping bags.

Although the temp got down to 30 overnight everyone was warm and dry. Way to be prepared! We picked a more direct route on the hike out and made it to the car in record time.

Everyone had a great time. The scouts carried everything they needed in with them, and left nothing behind except for footprints.

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